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Question #2

Is Gemini the best zodiac sign?
Heck to the yes! Haha, of course I’m a little biased since it’s my sign but I think other Geminis would agree with me. Growing up, I would go to the bookstore, sit in a corner, and read all about my sign. Now I would read it online and nod at the screen in agreement, embracing my awesome qualities. Which is why I wanted to share with you and enlighten you about Gemini traits and hopefully it’ll help you understand a little more about me.

PROS: Most Geminis delight in socializing, and they are almost always the ones who make a particular event a lively occasion. They are unique, witty and sometimes, even cunning. They are magnanimous in offering their friendship to people. They have this gift of the gab, which makes them a good asset in every social circle as well as in work. In other words, they are the life of every occasion. Perhaps the most interesting quality of the Geminis lies in their being good at persuading people. Using their ability to communicate efficiently, they can easily get what they wanted from a person. Geminis are naturally charismatic, too. This is why most people fall for them even if they do not intend to please everyone.

CONS: Being excessively spontaneous, Geminis can be viewed as reckless and flirtatious lot. Although they do not intend to act like that, the people around them tend to think otherwise. Another thing is their being indecisive. No one can exactly tell where their indecisiveness has rooted from, but this is true for most Geminis. They are also known for their keen intellect, typically brought on by their desire to acquire more knowledge. However, once a Gemini’s short attention span kicks in; it can be difficult to get a Gemini to focus on one specific topic for too long. The Gemini is very likely to get bored easily while trying to complete a specific task, which leads to them being very undependable.

The Gemini, or simply “the Twins”, is a sign of the zodiac that rules from May 21 up to June 21. Every sign in the zodiac has their own unique traits and personality characteristics, and Geminis are no exception. Because of the unique traits associated with a Gemini, only a few signs in the zodiac are truly compatible with this sign. Three signs that are most compatible are Libra, Aries and Leo. Aries for their adventurous, enthusiastic attitude, Leo for their outgoing nature, and Libra for seeking balance in their life. Unfortunately, Geminis have a problem with commitment to a long-term partnership and needs plenty of space. This sign goes reluctantly into marriage and if not compatible with a mate, may quickly divorce. Geminis in love is their desire to connect to their partners through words, they are known to be brilliant conversationalists. Yet another important point about Gemini lovers is their inability to make an emotional connection. So instead of looking to connect with your Gemini lover through sexual computability or emotional intimacy, try to offer them intellectual companionship.

I just love reading information like this and letting people know what I’ve uncovered. Although, I feel like some traits doesn’t quite describe me so I’d sometimes call myself a fake Gemini. Now that I think about it, perhaps being an introvert with a simian line has something to do with it. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Haha. Well, now that you know I’m a Gemini, I want to know what’s your zodiac sign and if you think your sign is the best.


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  Carla wrote @

My daughter is a Gemini with a simian line on both hands. Shes sometimes overbearing with her chatiness, shes bossy and knows it all, of course but shes also the most caring kind hearted person I know.

I wondered whether there was a connection between being a Gemini with a simian line, maybe there is.

Thank you for your stories, its been a fascinating read.

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