I'm that one weird chick

#1 The Expert and the Noob

We hit it off on Tinder, casually moved it over to texting, became Instagram friends and a week and a half later, I agreed to going out with this cool guy with glasses. My first date! It was a chilly Wednesday night, I brought a light jacket but didn’t wear it because I wanted him to see my shirt. We met up for pho i believed near my area. That’s when you know you need a life when you think how come I’ve never been and he’s been? Actually I didn’t think that.. I was too nervous! I parked and waited. outside. the. door. pretending to read the menu. Should I stand like this? What if he’s just watching me from his car laughing? I ended up putting on my jacket, as if it were my security blanket. Finally cool guy with glasses came walking up. My first thought was.. wow, he’s much cuter in person. Hehe.

We ate and talked, actually he ate because my dish ended up being spicy, then headed off to the movies. Hunger Games Mockingjay just came out and we both wanted to watch it. We rode in one car and during the drive, that’s when I realized this guy is a serial dater. He tells me he’s not nervous at all and meets up with people all the time. Wait, what? I felt embarrassed for telling him I was nervous but I still didn’t let that discourage me. He’s great! We’re having fun! Mockingjay was great and he went from great to okay, one of my pet peeves is someone who talks during the movie. He dropped me off at my car, hugged again, and said good night. When I asked to hang out again after i got back from my Thanksgiving vacation in Arizona, he said “I don’t feel like it.”

That was the last time I saw him. I only had one date with this serial dater.. and thus began my one date curse.

ps, we’re still Instagram friends


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