I'm that one weird chick

#2 The False Advertisement

Still crushed, I continued my Tinder game, taking my chances with facial hair guy drinking beer. Yes, his mysterious profile pic caught my eye. So once again did the usual exchanged numbers, became Instagram friends and planned a day date. By this time I told myself not to get my hopes up and to also keep my guard up. This is online dating, will I really find Mr. Right? Or at least a Mr. Right Now? A bit leery about this mystery guy, I was thankful my best friend offered to drop me off, and will be at a nearby Starbucks just incase. I definitely felt much more at ease and also feeling like a teenager with mom dropping her off on her date.

On text, I imagined this guy to be a frat boy saying all the right things to keep my attention. In person, he reminded me of Professor Frink, the scientist in The Simpsons. He also didn’t shower, he looked like he just woke up and the sad thing was.. I think he really did just wake up! I immediately felt itchy and wanted to shower just looking at him. We watched Nightcrawler and ended up being the only two in the theater room. That has never happened to me and out of all the times, it had to happen right now. Hoping he won’t make a move on me, I kept my hands under my butt the whole time just hoping this dreadful movie would end already. Then I remembered we made plans to have lunch after the movies, must make note not to do this on first dates! Lunch was even more painful because I now had a better look at Professor Frink in broad daylight. *shivers* *scratch scratch* I couldn’t wait for this day date to be over. When it finally did, I walked over to Starbucks, gave my friend a thumbs down and asked her if she wanted some pizza.

I unfriended him on Instagram, deleted his number, deleted Tinder and took a nice, long shower when I got home.


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