I'm that one weird chick

#3 The Pash and Dash

Game over for Tinder, it is now mid December and I decided to give Plenty of Fish a try. This app was actually fun but attracted a lot more weirdos! Testing the water, I uploaded three obscured pictures and put ‘naps’ as my interest. Sure enough it caused an uproar and guys messaging me how they like naps too. Haha okay, calm down. My first fishy victim.. a dashing fit guy smiling in his work’s restroom. He had just moved to the area and wanted to have some fun. He and I had different versions of fun and Mr. Smiley had no problem showing me his. I knew what his intentions were and I knew this wasn’t going anywhere, but I still wanted to reel him in. Perhaps I wanted a taste of his fun.

I wasn’t getting any bad vibes so I agreed to meet up at his place one late night. After helping me find parking, we gave each other a proper hug and then gave me a grand tour of his place. A bed and a couch.. I chose to sit on the couch. Although his place wasn’t much to look at, Mr Smiley was very nice to look at. He was also really cool to chat with but once he kept egging me to do some yoga poses I knew he was done talking. I got up and he came up from behind me, giving himself a grand tour of my body. Flattering but still quite awkward, he pulled me onto his lap and we pashed. I’ve been watching an Australian show and I was particularly fond of their lingo pash and dash, which describes this meet up to a tee. I knew it was time to go when he wanted more, practically pulling my pants off, I said no and he respected my wish. He walked me outside of his apartment complex, hugged me good night and closed the gate. Didn’t even walk me to my car, I guess Mr Smiley wasn’t smiling anymore.

I have never had a one night stand and I was not going to pop that with him. I just wanted a taste not the whole cherry. Pash and dash, hey? Those Australians sure know how to have fun!


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