I'm that one weird chick

#4 The Interviewer

I was actually chatting with two other guys which happens to be date #4 and #5, oh yes, the noob has become the serial dater! I met up with a guy that looks like a typical car salesman in his profile pic. I was close.. he worked in finance at a car dealership! This guy was super intense but when he smiled his eyes get all beady like and I’m a sucker for that. He also happens to look like the first guy I dated, which happens to look like Orlando Bloom, which happens to be my longtime celebrity crush. Oh Legolas! Anyways, he wanted to see me right away and set up a boba appointment after my work. He was my height, yet his body didn’t seem proportionately right holding up his big head. Literally and figuratively this guy had a big head. He was so full himself, yet his beady eyes kept hypnotizing me back in.

The date itself was intense, I felt like I was being interviewed as a potential candidate to be the mother of his future children. Whoa! Fortunately, I didn’t make the cut. Actually, I don’t know if I should be insulted or relieved about that. That still didn’t stop us from making out in his Lexus Rx 300 which used to be my dream car! If only I had met this guy in my 20’s haha! The next day, he texted me his cousin was in an accident needing surgery and that he was going to take a break from dating. The next week, I saw him back on the dating app.

Legolas would have never copped out like that.


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