I'm that one weird chick

#5 The Mumbler

So date #4 drove me to agree to date the next guy the very next day! Date #5 isn’t usually a type of guy I’d go for, he was wearing a wifebeater shirt looking all hardcore on top of a cliff in his pic. When we met up at the movies, he walked in wearing a suit and tie. Cleans up nicely but still wasn’t my type.

We had a lot of time to kill before the movie started, so we chatted and conversation flowed nicely. Er, sorta. I felt bad that I had to keep asking him to repeat the question because I couldn’t understand him, so that made it a little awkward. I get why he was mumbling, he was insecure about his teeth and was trying to hide it. Finally the movie Big Hero 6 came on and I loved it. When it was time to say good bye, I gave him the ol side hug and thanked him for the movie.

Although my first date curse continues, it’s still nice to be treated and to hang out with someone new. After the movies, I went to my best friend’s house where I helped baked 150 cookies with her sister til 1 in the morning, now that was fun!


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