I'm that one weird chick

#7 The Unlucky No. 7

Online dating: yay or nay?

I’d say an overall nay if you’re looking for a serious/long term relationship, but as of right now it’s a yay for me. I am having fun and it is helping me become more social and open. I honestly can’t see myself just going up to a guy in person and sparking up a conversation but behind a computer I have no problem being myself. While waiting for the New Years countdown, I sparked up a convo with an average looking guy that lives fairly close to my work. A local, lets do it. I was very comfortable with him and was happy that he wanted to see me in the next new year. So he was my first date for 2015, the year I’m supposed to start dating, and that’s what did it! My one date curse broke when he asked me out again and I accepted. Which ended up being dinner at my favorite restaurant and a movie that starred Legolas in it. Oh, he’s good!

Mr nice guy ended up being my third kiss since I started dating in my 30’s and albeit he wasn’t the greatest kisser, things did get pretty hot and heavy between us at his place. I went there a couple of times after work which was cool until he started pressuring me to having sex with him. I said no to take it slow and he disappears. Um, not that slow. A few days later he texts me saying he doesn’t like playing games and calling me a tease. I was crushed once again, only it was a different kind of hurt and I cried my eyes out in the shower.

At this rate, I may have to change my yay to a nay if this is a preface of how dating will be this year. It’s supposed to be fun. A week later, Mr nice guy texts me apologizing for being a jerk and asked to hang out again. I said NO once again and we ended our 2 week pursuit with him sending me a sad face. I admit that made me feel bad but then I remembered he made me cry. The night that I cried my eyes out, I came out of the shower saying F him and went right back on POF. Not only is dating helping me become more social, I feel empowered and proud of myself for overcoming this jerky obstacle. Yes, this one did end on a sad note.. I can honestly say good riddance and will end this post with a happy face :)


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