I'm that one weird chick

About Me

so on to the good stuff! My favorites are purple, spaghetti, spring, Target, and water. I’m an introvert, a gemini, with a simian line on my right palm. I am happily single and I’m currently dating 0.0 life form. I love to write but I am no writer! I just blog.. about everything! I have an online journal, a writing journal, and even a secret journal. it’s therapeutic for me :) Besides blogging, I enjoy reading, salsa dancing, eating, drinking boba, and being a couch potato. I am a movie quoter, a horrible singer, a self-proclaimed weirdo, and a wannabe Ellen Degeneres. I know all of the state capitals and I call out the capital in my head when I randomly hear a state out loud. I like to learn a new word everyday but I’m too intimidated to use it in public. I’m constantly washing my hands because working in a hospital has made me become a germaphobe. I’ve been reminded numerous times that I’m tall, I’m quiet, I have long hair, and I’m always smiling by random people and all I can say back is… I know. so that’s me in a nutshell. pun intended.



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Do you have a faint life line?

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